Dracula`s Legacy

The tour was designed for those who are eager to discover more about the life and legend of Dracula. The tour includes places that are directly related with the life of the former Wallachian ruler and leads tourists to visit places as: The Old Court of Targoviste (the place from where Dracula ruled the country) and the place where he lived, castle Poenari (castle ruins are situated on top of a hill, at the end of a stairs with 1480 steps). Except the historic places, suggested by this tour, tourists have chance to admire a beautiful landscape in the area of Vidraru Dam. Except those interested in Dracula, this tour is recommended, also, for people who love nature and medieval places.


Bucharest - Targoviste - Curtea de Arges - Poienari - Vidraru - Pitesti - Bucharest

Tour's highlights:

Targoviste (old court), Curtea de Arges (Curtea de Arges Monastery), Poienari Castle (the real Castle of Dracula), Vidraru dam (located in top 10 largest in Europe and top 20 in the world)

Tour details:

Length: ~ 12 hours

Start hour: 8:30

Tour available: From Wednesday to Sunday

Is included:



Entrance fees to sites


2 - 3 people 4 - 6 people 7 - 16 people
80 Euro / person 70 Euro / person 60 Euro / person

For 1 person or groups over 16 people, we provide rates only on request

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